Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The new and improved PRC

Web editor jailed for subversion -- Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 -- English Window to China News:
"A court statement said that in more than 60 articles, Zhang had slandered the government and China's social system to vent his discontent with the government."

For all the liberal apologists for the Chinese communists, I have one question. Since so much progress has been made, are you ready to go and live there now?


At Tue Mar 20, 02:08:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please view these clips and videos and check out the website that follows. The following clips prove that a criminal network within our government/private sector was responsible for the collapse of the three World Center buildings on 9/11 and consequently the death of thousands. The only way for us to assure that we do not fall prey to another government-sponsored terror attack is to make the truth behind 9/11 known all throughout the country and recognized all throughout the media. The traitorous perpetrators of 9/11 would be deterred from carrying out another scheme of mass deception for fear that it would trigger the country to revolt against the government, rather than bring the country together like 9/11 did. So please share this with others and press for the truth to be recognized for the sake of our security and sanity.

-molten steel spewing out the side of tower, which could only be produced by an incendiary device containing an ingredient like thermate/thermite since jet fuel does not burn hot enough (around 800 degrees C) to melt steel (around 1300 degrees C)

-an example of what thermate/thermite does to steel which is usually used to weld or cut steel

-firefighters describing molten steel as lava-like at ground zero

-cleanup team finds hot steel glowing red and orange all over ground zero

-New York Mayor Rudy Giulliani accidentally admits on news that he got warning from government official to leave WTC complex that morning because the towers would be coming down despite firemen, fire department, police department, and reporters on scene not knowing

-Building 7 collapses at nearly free fall speed (about 7 seconds--free fall speed for bldg. that height is about 6 seconds) which defies laws of gravity unless all significant points of structual resistance to the collapse were removed by controlled demolition charges. The reason the towers didn't fall at nearly free fall speed is because their demolition was top-down, not bottom-up like Building 7. Footage of their collapse confirms this.

-leaseholder of WTC complex accidentally admits on PBS special that they "pulled" Building 7

-later segment of same PBS special unwittingly confirms that "pull" is a term used for demolishing a building as a contractor uses the same term to describe demolishing Building 6 weeks after attack. The official explanation for the collapse of Building 7 was that fire and debris damage from the towers weakened the building's structure. The admission that Building 7 was demolished proves that the building's collapse was prepared BEFORE 9/11 since it would have been impossible for a demolition team to place demolition charges all throughout the building in a matter of a few hours, especially in a building with an ongoing fire and damage from debris.

-BBC reports Building 7 (Salomon Brothers building) has collapsed due to fire damage weakening the building BEFORE it actually collapsed, showing that the perpetrators scripted the collapse for the media by preparing an explanation for the collapse to avoid any unfavorable speculation in the immediate aftermath. As you will see, they got it out too early. (Forward this clip to 14:45 to see the report. The comments added highlight the blunder.)

-confirmation that the Salomon Brothers building is Building 7

-emergency workers instructing bystanders to get back because Building 7 is "coming down soon" and is "about to blow up"

To get a better idea of how all these pieces fit into the puzzle, I recommend watching the two videos below and checking out the online journals below. The videos provide more in-depth explanations and also show how 9/11 was not the only time and place that false-flag terrorist operations have been carried out. The journal shows some of the scientific work that has been done to expose the official story as a fraud.

documentary on World Trade Center controlled demolition

documentary on western government terror


At Wed Mar 21, 03:00:00 AM EDT, Blogger J. Keen Holland said...

I gave some serious thought to simply eliminating the comment above as it is not on topic. On the other hand, some of the material linked is interesting.

I looked at nearly all of it, although I did draw the line at sitting through two hours of Alex Jones' video.

Let me emphasize that I have seen no evidence that would lead me to conclude that the US government was complicit in the tragic events of 9/11.

Howwever, the official explanations of the mechanism of collapse of three WTC buildings, especially Building 7, are distinctly unconvincing. And I say that as one who originally found the official story of the collapse of the towers convincing and defended it to others.

For the safety of the many tens of thousands of Americans who live or work in highrise steel structures, we need to know for certain the mechanisms of building failure on 9/11 and what can be done to prevent such calamities in the future.

For the benefit of those not conversant with the elements of the controversy, here are three facts to consider:

(1) In over 100 years of building such structures, none - not one, not anywhere in the world - has failed solely due to fire. But Building 7 did.

(2) A manager at Underwriters Laboratories pointed out that the steel used to construct the WTC buildings had been tested and certified by UL to withstand longer and hotter fires than those on 9/11.

(3) An enginering professor from Brigham Young Universtity has written a lengthy paper debunking the official story.


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