Thursday, March 15, 2007

AGW - Subtle media bias in action

United Press International - NewsTrack - Danish scientist: Global warming is a myth:
"It is generally assumed the Earth's atmosphere and oceans have grown warmer during the recent 50 years because of an upward trend in the so-called global temperature, which is the result of complex calculations and averaging of air temperature measurements taken around the world."

Note that the paragraph I quote here appears without attribution in the UPI story and does a nice job of undercutting Prof. Andresen's argument. It also neatly slides over some points embarassing to the AGW alarmists - for example, the fact that the warming which began with the recovery from the Little Ice Age (and coincided with the takeoff in the Industrial Revolution when coal began to surpass water and animal power as the prime mover in industry) stalled from around the end of WW2 until the 1970s (remember the 70s was the time when we were warned of an impending ice age that has been sent down the memory hole).


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