Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A voyeur's dream for airport security

BREITBART.COM - Revealing x-ray machine raises privacy concerns in US:
"The Transportation Security Officer operating the system will also not be able to print, store or transmit the image and will be viewing the x-ray in an area not visible to the public."

This X-ray technology for creating images that see through clothing while showing skin - as well as guns, knives, and so on - has been kicking around airports in the US and Europe for two years or more. Every time it pops up, the embarrassment factor causes officials to back off from spending millions to put it into use at all airports. (There is also an infrared technology with similar capabilities, I believe.)

Note that the statement quoted above does not say that images cannot be stored or printed by the system, only that this will not take place at the same location where a live operator is viewing images of passengers. The system will need an image capture capability so that suspicious objects seen by the operator can be documented to justify more intrusive search methods when needed. It will probably be decided to keep a record of all passenger images until the flight ends so that, in event of an incident, the images can be reviewed to see how contraband might have been smuggled past the TSA screeners.


At Tue Dec 05, 08:02:00 PM EST, Anonymous hth said...

Are these really xray machines? If so, what about the potential over-exposure for frequent flyers? In certain cases of medical xrays we wear lead blankets.

I wonder if these machines aren't some variety of magnetic imaging or infrared imaging. About 10 years ago some transmission manufacture outfits were using a magnetic device to check trannys to see if all parts were in proper place. At one time I knew the fellow in CO that helped develop the machine.

When one gets into MRIs, is there a limit on how many in a certain time frame?


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