Thursday, November 30, 2006

Benedict XVI tries to repair relations with Muslims and Orthodox Christians

BBC NEWS | Europe | Pope makes Turkish mosque visit:
"The protest outside was linked to an Islamist-nationalist party, which said the pontiff's tour was an affront to the secularism enshrined in Turkey's constitution, as well as an attempt to stake a Catholic claim to the site."

Curious that the man is said to be in Turkey to atone for a slighting reference to the Muslim religion and is greeted by a protest which claims his visit is offensive to the secular nature of the Turkish government. The more so because, in his speech in Germany that was cited as the cause of so much rancor among Muslims, he did not make any slighting reference to the Muslim faith. Even more curious, the slighting references to Islam were alleged to have included the statement that its followers are violent as a matter of religious conviction - this being violently objected to by precisely the most violence-oriented elements of the Muslim world.


At Fri Dec 01, 12:15:00 PM EST, Anonymous Ed Reid said...

Perhaps you were expecting rationality and coherence. Too bad - so sad.


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