Wednesday, December 06, 2006

From Pyongyang to Tehran
"The second option is nuclear proliferation that military intervention could only delay, the enlargement of today’s nuclear club of nine countries to twenty or more, and the consequent return to a less stable version of armed deterrence. This is the doctrine that at the time of the US-USSR stand-off was known as MAD, or Mutual Assured Destruction, and it would leave us at the mercy of too many potential lunatics. Kim Jong-Il has sounded the red alert."

Good oped column on the nuke proliferation crisis by Franco Venturini in Rome's Corriere Della Serra.


At Sun Dec 10, 08:53:00 AM EST, Anonymous Ed Reid said...

Apparently, the Dems plan to try to gut SDI next year. Since they are no fans of MAD, I presume they would prefer to try the leaders of countries which launch nukes against us in the new World Court. Should be great fun!


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