Monday, February 26, 2007

Should Bill's scandals taint Hillary?

Clinton Fights to Keep Impeachment Taboo -
"'In the end, voters will decide what's off-limits, but I can't imagine that the public will reward the politics of personal destruction,' senior Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson said Friday, when asked whether the impeachment is fair game for Clinton's opponents. Earlier in the week, Wolfson dismissed references to President Bill Clinton's conduct as 'under the belt.'"

Thye usual formulation is "below the belt" - a reference to the rules of boxing. One wonders if Mr. Wolfson amended the phrase to shift the imagery to Bill Clinton's waistline instead of his zipper which seemed to be the source of so much of his troubles.

It's one thing, one supposes, for a wife to defend even a seemingly guilty husband against charges of adulterous liaisons; but, it ought to be fair game to ask how one lawyer defends another for perjured testimony as a witness in a lawsuit. After all, Sen. Clinton's claims of competence and probity as an attorney are a key part of her alleged qualifications for the highest office in our nation.


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