Monday, February 26, 2007

Coming soon to a highway near you

Critics bash Mexican truck decision - Yahoo! News:
"Said Teamsters President Jim Hoffa: 'They are playing a game of Russian roulette on America's highways.'"

The marvelous thing about this little contretempa, which will have no effect on the Bush administration's dubious plans, is that the union and consumer angles cause many congressional Democrats to turn up on the correct side of this issue.

Of course, this will not be entirely one-sided. Under the plan, 100 US trucking firms will be licensed and inspected by Mexiso to travel in their country while 100 Mexican firms will be licensed and inspected by the US. I wonder how much money will go into the pockets of Mexican officials as a result of this.

Read the story. There is some genuinely scary stuff along with the usual "whose ox is gored"-motivated criticisms.


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