Saturday, October 28, 2006

Muslim "intifada" in France has inflicted 2,500 casualties on police this year

BREITBART.COM - Hundreds march in French suburb one year after riots:

"French and international media have been scrutinising the Paris suburbs for signs of a new outbreak of violence -- despite warnings that the television cameras could spur young rioters on.

"Around 60 journalists joined Friday's march in Clichy-sous-Bois, where the boys' [Zyed Benna, 17, and Bouna Traore, 15 - who broke into an electrical substation to hide from police and electrocuted themselves, sparking last year's riots] families led mourners past their old school to inaugurate a monument in their memory."

The above is from Agence France Press and manages to be fairly upbeat and positive. For example, it mentions that the authorities declared order was restored on November 17 last year, but neglects to point out that was when the police said the level of violence in the Muslim banlieues had returned to normal, which was pretty bad.

Drudge also links a much more interesting story from where we learn some really sobering facts. For example, "'We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists,' said Michel Thoomis, secretary general of the Action Police trade union. 'This is not a question of urban violence any more. It is an intifada, with stones and firebombs.'"

According to this article, "The French Interior Ministry has acknowledged the Muslim uprising. The ministry said more than 2,500 police officers have been injured in 2006. This amounts to at least 14 officers each day." It seems drug sellers in the projects have organized the youths so that anytime the cops try to arrest anyone, whole apartment houses empty of young men overwhelming the officers and setting the arrestees free before police reinforcements can arrive. Some of these housing developments are now considered no go areas for police and even social workers.


At Tue Oct 31, 08:11:00 PM EST, Anonymous Ed Reid said...

"...who broke into an electrical substation to hide from police and electrocuted themselves, sparking last year's riots"

That is a truly "shocking" piece of writing. Electrifying prose! Illuminating in the extreme. So much more graphic than: "while attempting to "go to ground", they became paths to ground." Certainly a "well grounded" group of muslim thugs.


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