Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nepal releases two top Maoist leaders- The Times of India

Nepal releases two top Maoist leaders- The Times of India:
"[Politburo member Matrika Prasad] Yadav said he was not glad to be released.
"'Nearly 1,400 Maoists are in various prisons in Nepal,' he said. 'We want the government to release all political prisoners, disclose the whereabouts of people made to disappear by the previous governments, and repeal the draconian anti-terrorism law (that allows suspects to be held incommunicado for a year).
"'We also demand punishment for war criminals - people responsible for the extra-judicial killings of our cadres and civilians during our 10-year People's War.'"

In case you needed any evidence that releasing Communist thugs to "create an atmosphere of trust for fresh parleys" is a very bad idea, you just have to read Commisar Yadav's statement. He still demands the total capitulation of the government and offers no defense for his own role in the "extra-judicial killings" of Krishna Mohan Shrestha, IG of the Armed Police, his wife and bodyguard.

The ten year long war of Communists seeking to conquer the small kingdom of Nepal may seem like small beer compared to the great questions of war and peace revolving around the nuclear weapons ambitions of Iran and North Korea, or the sectarian violence tearing apart the Sudan and Nigeria, but it does help to remind us that, despite the re-arrangement of the Soviet Union into the present Russian Republic, Communism hasn't entirely slunk off the stage of history in well-earned disgrace.


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