Friday, January 14, 2005

Finding the job you love

Speaker tells Palo Alto students that stripping can be lucrative:
"The school has asked [management consultant William] Fried to give his 55-minute presentation, 'The Secret of a Happy Life,' for the past three years."

It appears that this year several students asked questions about the profession of stripper/exotic dancer, one of the 140 careers on Fried's handout to students which included more conventional choices like accountant and spirit medium. Fried rather unwisely offered the observation that bust size was positively correlated with income and that annual earnings could top $250,000.

Although the AP story predictably focuses on the sex angle, the interesting part is the first complaint to the principal was from the mother of a boy who came home and announced he wouldn't be going to college and would pursue a career in fishing. No word on whether holding a fishing pole pays as well as pole dancing, nor on whether gut size is positively correlated with income on the professional angling circuit.


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