Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Eminem sees himself a political force and we thought he was just a religious leader

Eminem regrets releasing anti Bush single late!:- - Entertainment News - Webindia123.com:
"According to Rate the music, Eminem released 'Mosh' just before the election, but he fears he could have swung the vote against the President if the track was released two weeks earlier."

As reported in this space earlier, rapper Eminem was honored recently for his work for world peace by appointment as a high priest of the Realian UFO cult. Now he thinks he is to blame for Kerry's loss of the 2004 election. I think this young man, whatever his considerable talent for separating adolescents and young adults from their money, is taking entirely too much responsibility on himself. The nations of the world are quite capable of going to hell in handbasket with or without the help of young Mr. Mathers. And Kerry did so much to screw up his own campaign, it is hard to see how a rap song and a clever video would have saved his bacon.


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