Friday, June 08, 2007

An almost unreported crisis in Brazilian law enforcement

Brazil Has Two Polices: One Shines, the Other Puts the Country to Shame:
"... the best story is that PF-2 wants nothing to do with the other Police, the PF-1 - the one with the strikes, the airport lines, all those police stations, the 40-day wait to get a passport, all those inquests wandering like moribund zombies without an end in sight ..."

An interesting commentary on the curious situation in Brazil of a portion of the Federal Police (PF-2 in the author's terminology) which operates independently of the main body of the PF (which he calls PF-1). The author's gripe is that it is this PF-2 that operates efficiently and has cracked several major cases recently, yet the press reports generally credit the PF generally without acknowledging that this force-within-the-force exists even though it operates with distinct personnel and from different office locations than PF-1,


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