Monday, February 19, 2007

Another front in the GWOT reports

Senior MI official: Hezbollah has more firepower than before war - Haaretz - Israel News :
"Some committee members expressed their beguilement at the contradiction between the intelligence officer and the defense minister."

It seems the Israeli defense minister has given his assessment that the effectiveness of Hezbollah is only about a quarter what it was before the recent campaign in Lebanon while the research director of Israeli military intelligence has told the Knesset that Hezbollah has been replacing its munitions expended in that conflict and is better armed today than before Israel attacked.

If correct, this implies a massive financial commitment from Iran. Add this to the recent news about millions of pounds worth of sniper rifles sent to Shia insurgents in Iraq and the continuing budget crisis in Iran and you get a fairly clear impression of how the Iranian regime perceives its priorities.


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