Sunday, April 02, 2006

A chance to shed new light on the OKC bombing

WorldNetDaily: Congressman demands new OKC bomb probe :
"In a memo written to Rep. Henry Hyde, chairman of the House International Relations Committee, [US Rep. Dana] Rohrabacher [R-CA] said he has spent 12 months personally investigating the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that killed 168 and concluded 'there is ample evidence to justify an investigative hearing into this historic crime.'
"The focus of the probe, he suggests, should be 'Was there a foreign connection to the Oklahoma City bombing?'"

Rohrabacher has been following the trail blazed by Jayna Davis who was, at the time of the OKC bombing, a news reporter for a local TV station. His subcommittee only has jurisdiction on foreign connections, but this should at least give him lattitude to investigate Terry Nichols' connections to Islamic terrorists in the Philippines and Timothy McVeigh's alleged ties to Andreas Strassmeier, a former German Army intel officer who was living in Oklahoma (at Robert Millar's "white supremacist" Elohim City compound) on an expired tourist visa and left shortly after the bombing.

Although less clearly within the purview of Rohrabacher's subcommittee, there is also the evidence that John Doe #3 was a "former" member of Saddam Hussein's elite Iraqi army formation the Republican Guards.

Among the promising investigative leads which will almost certainly be off-limits to the Rohrabacher probe is the alleged gun theft which the government said was used by the known OKC bombing conspirators - McVeigh, Nichols and Fortier - to finance the bomb plot. There is now reason to believe that there was no theft, only an insurance scam, and some of the allegedly stolen weapons turned up in the hands of a White Aryan Resistance bank robbery gang which had used Elohim City as a hideout.


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