Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's about time Yankees took responsibility for their involvement in slavery

Educators Shed Light on Northern Slavery - Yahoo! News:
"Their efforts have been buoyed by state legislation enacted last year creating the Amistad Commission to examine whether the slave trade is being adequately taught in New York schools."

It's particularly interesting that this is a report about efforts to teach about slavery in the North generally and in their neighborhoods in particular to students in New York State. New York, as New Amsterdam, was founded by the Dutch at about the same time a Dutch ship brought the first African slaves to Jamestown, Virginia from the West Indies.

Some interesting information here, especially that at the time of the Revolution the only American city with more slaves than New York City was Charleston, South Carolina. I also didn't realize that slavery had continued in New York State until 1827.

Perhaps, in addition to slavery, they might teach young New Yorkers about the Draft Riots in 1863 in which hundreds, some say thousands, of free citizens of African descent were killed by white New Yorkers resisting military service in the Civil War.


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